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Basin Installation


Basin Installation

Basin Installation

A basin is a basic necessity in many restaurants, kitchens, and washrooms. Their main purpose is to help an individual enhance their personal hygiene by ensuring that one is supplied with clean water, and by draining the waste water once a person completes washing their faces and hands. Install Basin for Bathroom, Kitchen, Toilet at Cheap Price in Singapore, Our basin include semi recessed basin, pedestal basin,wall hung basin, standing basin, undermount basin, vanity top basin, contact us now to get free quote or your may install yourself by following the below steps


Installation Process

The entire process is dependent on the accompanying instruction manual that has been prepared by the manufacturer. The very first thing you need to do is make sure that there is no water flowing via the main plumbing system.

1.      Drill and Measure the Anchor Points

Find a good location where you can fix the basin. Often, you will need to use the specifications designed for each room. Make sure that the bowl is properly aligned on the wall before you start marking the locations where the screws will be placed. Use a 1/8 drill to make two-inch holes along the points that you have marked on your walls.

2.      Attaching Your Basin

Take the basin and correctly set it against the wall. Confirm that it is properly aligned with the points that you have just drilled. Proceed to secure your basin using screws. You may need to use additional supports depending on the initial design.

3.      Fixing the Tap

Gently align the faucet according to its specific installation location on that basic. Use putty on each attachment point before tightening all nuts attached to the faucet.

4.      Install the Water Inlet Connection

LS Handyman Singapore recommends using a metal coupling to join the faucet inlet to the lower section. Make certain that the dimensions of your faucet inlet are conversant with those of your metal coupling. A flexible hose pipe will then be needed to join the coupling to the main plumbing system.

5.      Drainage Connection

Putty should be applied on the lower side of the basin’s outlet. Take the tail piece and attach it to the bowl, taking care to ensure that it is properly connected. Use plumbing tape to fix a p-trap on the lower end of your tail piece. A wrench will then come in handy to help you connect the coupling.

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