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Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation

Serving homes and offices across Singapore, LS Handyman Singapore can send a specialist to your home every day to analyze any issue, give upkeep, and guarantee your solace. We can install fresher, energy-productive water heaters that are more minimized and simpler to keep up with. Our group can expertly install water heater to guarantee it is appropriately associated and works impeccably. A careful appraisal of your home and boiling water needs assists us with deciding the best model to install. Supplanting your water heater can be a shock and monetarily stressing choice, however, we’ll help you at any point step of the way, from picking the best model to offering free gauges, serious estimating, and financing. Installing another water heater has numerous advantages, so when we complete the work, you’ll probably benefit with:

  • More Efficiency:

Newer high temp water heaters devour less energy and warm water proficiently. Energy Factor evaluations that measure the amount of heated water created per unit of fuel, are improved too.

  • Better Hot Water Refill:

Old water heaters lose effectiveness and may leave you with a virus shower, also decreased water quality. We can dispose of the requirement for tanks, so your heated water is constantly revived and given when required.

  • Water Heater Leak Repair

Regardless of whether you have a little hole in your water heater, it can cause an enormous amount of destruction. It should be tended to rapidly. Much of the time, breaks can be fixed without replacing your water heater. The principal objective is to discover where the break is coming from. Tidying up the spillage is significant in keeping away from harm and shape, however, the issue will not disappear in case it’s not tended to at the source. If the water heater is spilling, turn off the water, shut off its force or gas source, and check the unit. Normal wellsprings of holes incorporate the line gulf/outlet, pressure help valve, channel valve, or a break in the lower part of the tank. If the inbound water pressure is too high, this can cause an issue too. An expert professional can play out any maintenance. If any segments and associations should be fixed, we can deal with them. Our professionals can play out a careful examination and channel the water heater tank to figure out where the issue is. They can perform fixes whenever the situation allows and suggest arrangements, for example, changing your old water heater with a fresher, more solid model. We will give you the best instant water heater. To fix the water heater leaking issue LS Handyman Singapore is always here.


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To get services of heater installation, water heater replacement, and water heater repair Singapore choose us. We are among the top companies. We deal with different brands such as Ariston water heater, Joven water heater, 707 water heater, Rheem water heater, Champs water heater, Rubine water heater, Panasonic water heater. At LS Handyman Singapore water heater installation cost is relatively low. So, call LS Handyman Singapore now and book an appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the necessary tools and equipment required for water heater installation?

– Pipe wrench
– Adjustable wrench
– Screwdrivers
– Tubing cutter
– Torch and solder
– Pipe and fittings
– Teflon tape
– Pipe joint compound
– Hacksaw
– Level

What safety precautions should be taken when installing a water heater?

– Turn off power and water supply
– Drain the tank completely
– Wear protective gear like gloves and goggles
– Make sure the area is well-ventilated
– Keep flammable materials away
– Check for gas leaks before lighting the pilot

What are the different types of water heaters available for installation?

– Tank water heaters
– Tankless water heaters
– Heat pump water heaters
– Solar water heaters

How do you determine the right size of water heater for your home?

– Consider the number of people in the household
– Calculate the peak hour demand for hot water
– Determine the first-hour rating required

What are the steps involved in installing a tankless water heater?

– Turn off power and water supply
– Mount the unit on the wall
– Connect the water and gas lines
– Vent the unit properly
– Set the desired temperature

Are there any building codes or regulations that need to be followed during water heater installation?

– Proper venting
– Safe distance from combustibles
– Pressure relief valve requirements
– Electrical wiring regulations

What are the common issues that can arise during or after water heater installation?

– Leaks
– Sediment buildup
– Temperature fluctuations
– Pilot light issues
– Pressure relief valve problems

How often should a water heater be maintained after installation?

– Flush the tank annually to remove sediment
– Check for leaks and corrosion regularly
– Test the pressure relief valve

Are there any energy-efficient options to consider when installing a water heater?

– High-efficiency tank water heaters
– Tankless water heaters
– Heat pump water heaters
– Solar water heaters
– Energy Star certified models.


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