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Mirror & Shelves Installation


Mirror & Shelves Installation

LS Handyman Singapore is here to assist you. We are a full-service Mirror & Shelves installation firm serving homes and offices. When you require Mirror & Shelves installation in Singapore we are here to help you with carrying your visions to life. Whether you are searching to get a huge mirror in your home, you need a mirror installed to make an area look bigger, mirrors for your workplace, gym, or something else completely, we have got you covered. Our usual customers include property holders, gyms, eateries, malls, interior designers, and a lot more!


Services provided by LS Handyman Singapore

  • Gym mirror installation
  • Mirror fitting
  • Mirror fitting on the wall
  • Hanging a bathroom mirror
  • LED mirror installation
  • Full wall mirror installation
  • Mount mirror on the door
  • Install bathroom mirror without drilling
  • Frameless mirror installation
  • Shelves installation
  • Installing floating shelves
  • Putting up shelves
  • Installing shelf brackets
  • Hanging shelves on drywall
  • Fitting floating shelves


Wall and bathroom mirrors

Wall and bathroom mirrors are a significant way to alleviate and revitalize your house by adding functional design features. Bathroom mirrors are particularly significant in your everyday routine. For complicated areas, big walls, or custom design trials, consider installing mirrors made particularly for your house. Go further than the normal mirror with artistic shapes that add an unusual touch as well as bring light into any area of the home. So, if you want wall mirror installation or bathroom mirror installation we are here for you.


Shelf Installation

Nothing is frightening than knowing that the one thing standing amongst the 50 pounds of books relaxing on your fluctuating shelf above your bed as well as a throbbing night surprise fall is a tiny nail or two. That is the reason a lot of people have turned to LS Handyman Singapore to connect them with skilled shelf installation specialists. Use LS Handyman Singapore to book expert shelf installation services plus make the finest use of your time.


When considering For a Mirror and shelf Installation Worker, You will Need a Professional.

Installing a mirror or shelf at your place is not a simple task. Not merely are big mirrors or shelves heavy, however, if installed wrongly, you might find yourself in trouble of breaking mirror and shelf. To get the work done correctly, you will need a skilled firm that you can rely on just like LS Handyman Singapore. The team of LS Handyman Singapore has numerous years of experience. We are a Singapore mirror and shelf firm that places client satisfaction above everything else. Our squad can deals with all kinds of requests, even custom mirrors or shelves if you want something precise. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get precisely what you are searching for. Choose LS Handyman Singapore for specialized services So, to get specialized and high-quality services, choose LS Handyman Singapore. Our team will always be available to assist you. So feel free to give us a call at 68544992 or email us at

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