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Curtain Rod & Track installation

Curtain Rod & Track installation

Curtain Rod & Track installation

Need to install curtains in your house? The magnificence of a room isn’t just reliant upon appealing backdrops and furniture. It is additionally reliant upon the curtains which dangle from fine-looking curtain rods. Besides making the room more tasteful and modern, curtains additionally play many capacities. In the day, curtains keep abundance daylight from going into the room and keep a cool temperature. It additionally safeguards tidies, contamination, as well as other unfamiliar materials from going into the room, subsequently advancing a solid climate.

During the evening, curtains safeguard light from an outer side so you can rest well. Curtains are additionally valuable in giving security at home particularly in Singapore where a lot of people reside in apartments. To partake in these advantages, you should pick a decent quality curtain fitted in an outstanding, solid curtain rod.


Steps of Installing Curtain Rod?

Curtains assume various parts during various times. Curtain rods that are utilized to hang curtains, additionally assume significant parts in ensuring that the curtain gives you assistance. Fixing a curtain rod accurately for day and night work is vital. Your curtains will be pointless except if you realize how to utilize curtain rods appropriately. Coming up next are straightforward strides on the best way to install day as well as a night curtain rod.

  1. Make estimations
  2. Buy the rod, a few bolts, and the curtain
  3. Install the curtain rod


Should I use tracks or rods for my curtains?

Curtain tracks and rods are far more than only functional fixtures to join curtains to windows, they correspondingly improve interior design, add ornamental charm then, eventually, are the finishing touches to your house. Though you may be interested to pick your curtain tool as an after-thought, you must be thinking about these things when first doing an evaluation of your curtain as well as blind options. That way, you will make sure of the steadiness of your vision.


What is the difference between rods & tracks?

They both serve a similar purpose however there are few restrictions as to what they can do. For example, curtain tracks can merely hang frilly curtains, whereas rods can hang both furrows as well as eyelet curtains. When selecting curtain styles, you must be aware of the accessory every curtain has in its header, as this might decrease your choices as well as force you to select tracks over rods and so on, which may then similarly change your design objectives.


Services Provided by LS Handyman Singapore

  • Curtain rod installation
  • Curtain track installation
  • Curtain rail installation
  • Hanging curtain rods in drywall


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