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House Rewiring

House Rewiring

House Rewiring

The electrical wiring in your house is the greatest significant element of your electrical system. It is similarly a difficult system in the house, as well as dealing with it is not just tough: it is very hazardous. If you do not have specialized training, it is vital to hire an expert rewiring whole house professional any moment you are facing issues with the wiring, as well as it is significant to appoint the professional you can have faith in. Keep your house secure by calling LS Handyman Singapore to fix or replace your electric wiring. We will be 365 days available to help you out.


Signals of Defective Wiring

  • Burnt outlets, odd odors
  • Odd noises as well as warm outlets
  • Rodents, ragged wires


Hire Professionals

When you need electrical work, experience is important. Employing a worker who is inexpert can lead to dangerous problems as well as a hazardous building. The electrical systems for your house as well as a workplace are massively different, as well as they need an expert who has had practical experience. If you require electrical work done for your place, appoint an expert team with years of training.​ Getting the help of a professional for rewiring the whole house is significant.


Certified Help

Not all electrical workers are alike. When you contact LS Handyman Singapore, you will have the declaration that you are getting the finest repair and installation services accessible. We are certified in Singapore to make sure that we give merely legally specialized help. ​


Our Emergency Services

You can get instantaneous assistance whenever you have an electrical emergency. You will at all times have skilled support when you contact LS Handyman Singapore. When you have an emergency, select the crew who will at all times be there when you want us.


Our Extensive Variety of Electrical Work

We provide complete electrical services for commercial and residential property. Our crew deals with everything from house rewiring to installing LED lights for your workplace. We similarly specify in custom wiring, old building rewiring, outpouring protection as well as entertainment system installation. Whatsoever your electrical necessities, we will get the work done competently, efficiently as well as economically. ​We also provide an affordable rewiring package in Singapore. The whole house rewire cost is so reasonable thus everybody can afford the services. There is no need to get worried about the rates as the cost to rewire a house is affordable for everybody.

Are you prepared to get expert electrical services? Get in touch with our team. To get cooperative assistance as well as to get your free project estimation. Whether you require new wiring for your home or to fix a circuit breaker, we have the crew to get the work done right. ​Feel free to call us now at 68544992 or you may also send us an email at Our welcoming staff will be there to assist you. We will be happy to fix your issues by giving high-quality services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the process of house rewiring involve?

– Assessing the current wiring system
– Planning the new wiring layout
– Removing old wiring
– Installing new wiring and components
– Testing the new system for safety and functionality

When is it necessary to rewire a house?

– The wiring is outdated (e.g., knob and tube wiring)
– There are frequent electrical issues like tripping breakers or flickering lights
– The house has undergone a major renovation or addition
– The existing wiring poses a safety hazard

How often should house rewiring be done?

– Frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers
– Flickering or dimming lights
– Burning smells coming from outlets or switches
– Outlets or switches that are warm to the touch
– Visible wear and tear on wiring insulation

What are the signs that indicate a house needs rewiring?

– Increased risk of electrical fires
– Electrical shocks or electrocution
– Damage to electrical appliances and devices
– Decreased property value due to safety concerns

What are the potential risks of not rewiring a house when needed?

 – Increased risk of electrical fires
– Electrical shocks or electrocution
– Damage to electrical appliances and devices
– Decreased property value due to safety concerns

6. How long does it typically take to rewire a house?

– The duration to rewire a house depends on the size and complexity, but it typically takes 1-2 weeks for an average-sized home.

What are the key components of a house rewiring project?

– Wiring
– Breaker panel
– Outlets and switches
– Light fixtures
– Grounding system
– Surge protection devices

Are there any safety precautions to consider during house rewiring?

– Turning off power to the entire house
– Using proper safety gear like gloves and goggles
– Hiring a licensed electrician for the job
– Checking for asbestos or other hazardous materials

Can house rewiring increase the value of a property?

– House rewiring can increase the value of a property by improving safety, energy efficiency, and bringing the electrical system up to code.


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