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Aircon Overhaul


Aircon Overhaul

From a large number of home appliances, the aircon is the one that holds great importance and it needs proper maintenance and servicing to function for a long time. The demand for air conditioners is high in Singapore because of the high temperature. There is a large number of people install air conditioners in their homes, offices, buildings, and restaurants to beat the hot weather. When these air conditioners do not get the proper maintenance and servicing, it does not function properly. The maintenance and servicing of the air conditioners are very important and if it does not take place at the proper time then it can cause serious damage to the aircon.  So, if you have an air conditioner in your house that has not been getting proper maintenance for a great period then don’t take more time, call the LS Handyman Singapore for the amazing aircon overhaul services. From the various cheap aircon overhaul Singapore, we are on high ranking that delivers best aircon overhaul services.


Aircon Dismantling and Replacement Services:

We offer outstanding aircon overhaul services in which we open the different parts of the air conditioners and deep clean them. Moreover, we can check that the internal parts of your air conditioner to make sure that they are working well and do not disturb the cooling effect. Other than this, our main focus is on the Fan Coil Unit as we dismantle it for the cleaning and removes all the grimiest from the various parts. When the chemical overhaul process takes place we dismantle air filters, drainage tools, coils, and condenser and cleaned them. Once it gets properly cleaned, we assemble them and fix them in their locations. Moreover, during the chemical overhauling, if we find any damaged part, we replace it with a new one.


Effective and High-Quality Aircon Overhaul Services:

LS handyman comes with different high-quality and effective aircon overhaul services that washes out all the dust from the internal parts which in turn increases the efficiency of the ventilation, consumes less amount of energy and increase the life span of your air conditioner. Other than this, the parts we replace also has a great quality that will never give you a chance of any compliant.


Affordable Chemical Overhaul Services:

Most of the time, people do not hire professional cleaners for the maintenance and servicing of their air conditioners just because of the high prices but our chemical overhaul aircon price is the main factor that makes us different from others. Our main aim is to satisfy our customers with cost-effective and outstanding aircon chemical overhaul services so we have set our prices at a low level. So, it’s a great opportunity for you to service your aircon with the help of our experts.


Experienced and Trained Chemical Overhaul Techinicians:

We have a wide range of well-trained chemical overhaul cleaners who spend most of their time learning new things so they always make themselves up to date with the new cleaning techniques. Other than this, they have a strong understanding of the dismantling and washing so they unassembled all the parts and then put them back to their location carefully. LS Handyman comes with great Chemical Overhauling services so if you need it just make a call to us.

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