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TV Bracket Installation

TV Brackets Installation & Mounting Service

TV Bracket Installation

LS Handyman Singapore can assist you to get that at-home theater atmosphere. If you are freshly moved or just got a new TV–however, do not have the expertise, equipment, time, or interest in TV Bracket Installation or TV mounting–use LS Handyman Singapore TV Bracket installation services. Our experts are well-informed about wall kinds, bring their equipment, as well as are skilled with mounting heavy TVs on brackets. It can be expensive to do this yourself plus make a mistake…thus leave this work for us! We provide high-quality services of TV wall mount installation in Singapore

Did you recently buy a brand new, high definition TV, carry it back to your house or studio flat, then realize that it will look far better mounted on your wall than putting on a table? You do not have to worry — LS Handyman Singapore is here to help you out. Stop worrying and let an LS Handyman Singapore expert install your TV firmly, just the way you wish. You can rely on us for TV installation service, TV mounting services, TV wall bracket installation, TV rack installation.


Add a TV Mount to Your Installation

In case you do not have a TV mount, or are not sure which one to buy? Do not get worried about that either. Whether you need a fixed amount, a leaning mount, or a full-motion spin mount, we can match you with the appropriate tool to get that glossy new mount TV on the wall.


Practice Makes Perfect

Since our inception, LS Handyman Singapore has installed lots of TVs for our clients, leaving them awesomely contented and pleased. LS Handyman Singapore experts have established a level of proficiency that is modestly supreme among our opponents.


TV Bracket Installation Price

Fixed Bracket  Installation Charges
TV Size ( INCH )Price ( without Bracket )Price ( with Bracket)
Tilt Bracket Installation Charges
TV Size ( INCH )Price ( without Bracket )Price ( with Bracket )


Why Book with LS Handyman Singapore for TV Installation Service ?

If you have bought a brand new TV you want to be mounted on your wall, LS Handyman Singapore is the greatest service out there. It does not matter what sort of the TV you have bought — Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Panasonic — LS Handyman Singapore’s skilled specialists have dealt with them too and will have no issue getting your elegant new TV up on your wall, rapidly. Flawlessly centered, no jumble. We provide services of

Samsung TV wall mount installation

LG TV wall mount installation

Mounting TV on the partition wall

Sony TV wall mount installation

Toshiba TV wall mount installation


In case you want high-quality and specialized services of TV Bracket Installation, TV installation service, TV mounting services, TV wall bracket installation, TV rack installation you can choose us. The cost to mount a TV Singapore is relatively low. We can mount TV on a brick wall with a cheap TV wall mounting service. Our specialized crew is always available to help you out. So, feel free to contact us and get in touch with us right now. You can call us at 68544992 or send us an email at and get quality services from LS Handyman Singapore.

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