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Toilet Plumbing

Toilet Plumbing

Toilet Plumbing

Are you searching for a reliable, consistent as well as expert toilet plumbing firm in Singapore? If yes, then you are certainly in the correct place. LS Handyman Singapore is here to help you with all your toilet plumbing needs. We have an expert toilet plumber that provides numerous services such as fixing toilet leaking Singapore issues, toilet repair Singapore, fixing toilet tap Singapore, fixing toilet choke issues, fixing drainage choke problems. Along with toilet repair service, LS Handyman Singapore also provides services of shower set installation Singapore. We provide a level of brilliance as well as modified service that you merely not find somewhere else in Singapore. We are polite, knowledgeable plus most essentially alleged. Our crew consists of the finest plumbers that can take care of nearly the whole thing from discussion to the ultimate work. They are similarly appointed by a systematic background check therefore you can rest assured that when you have plumbers in place, your house or workplace will be in the hands of a responsible expert.

It is all about an amazing service:

Our rates are realistic therefore you can relish a greater plumbing service without thinking about your budget. We are protected and accredited for your security as well as serenity. We are self-confident that our services, rates, and competence win over you. We as well provide emergency plumbing services, thus whether you require our support in day hours or weekends – our crew is just one call away.


What makes LS Handyman Singapore different from other firms?

  • Our service is envisioned to provide you with the serenity you deserve.
  • We are totally protected as well as keep up the top quality of workmanship.
  • We always provide timely services.
  • Our work is assured 100%, therefore, you have nothing to miss plus everything to gain.
  • Our promise, as well as devotion, give you the confidence to trust your house or workplace area to our professional and qualified staff, which is all set to meet your emergency requirements at any time.
  • We similarly provide free estimates based on your individual requirements, thus there is no purpose to hesitate.


We do following plumbing services for toilet :

– fix clogged commode / commode leakage
– toilet bowl replacement
– toilet flush repair
– toilet flush valve replacement
– toilet repiping service
– toilet cistern leaking
– changing toilet pump


Select LS Handyman Singapore for top-quality services

If you are viewing for plumbing service or searching for the finest plumber with a low rate, we expect having the prospect to exceed your expectations. You just have to give us a call for free estimation – talk with our welcoming staff – get your service scheduled and we are all set to help you today…!

We know that you have a hectic schedule plus might not give time to the minor toilet repairs and maintenance. At this moment we come to help you. We are a team of exceedingly accomplished specialists who can deal with all of your plumbing requirements! We suggest that you get things repaired ASAP to not turn out with substantial leaking issues later. So call LS Handyman Singapore now at 68544992 or send us an email at and we will be 24/7 available to assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common plumbing issues associated with toilets?

– Clogged toilet
– Running toilet
– Leaking toilet
– Weak flush
– Phantom flush (spontaneous refill)
– Toilet tank not filling up properly

How do you unclog a toilet properly?

1. Use a plunger
2. Try a plumbing snake or auger
3. Use a mixture of hot water and dish soap
4. Use a natural solution like baking soda and vinegar

What are the signs that indicate a toilet needs professional plumbing services?

– Frequent clogging
– Slow draining
– Continuous running
– Water leaks around the base
– Gurgling noises
– Foul odors from the toilet

How often should toilets be inspected for potential plumbing problems?

– Ideally, toilets should be inspected annually by a professional plumber

What are the steps involved in toilet plumbing maintenance?

1. Regular cleaning
2. Checking for leaks and drips
3. Inspecting the tank and bowl components
4. Ensuring proper flushing and filling
5. Addressing any issues promptly

How can one prevent toilet plumbing issues in the first place?

– Avoid flushing non-flushable items
– Regularly inspect and maintain toilet components
– Educate household members on proper toilet use
– Install a water softener if hard water is an issue

What are the different types of toilet plumbing services offered by professionals?

– Toilet repairs
– Toilet installations
– Toilet replacements
– Toilet upgrades
– Toilet maintenance services

What should one consider when hiring a toilet plumbing service provider?

– Reputation and reviews
– Experience and expertise
– Licensing and insurance
– Pricing and warranty
– Customer service and availability

How does the cost of toilet plumbing services vary based on the type of issue?

– Clogs or minor repairs are usually less expensive
– Repiping or major replacements can be costly
– Emergency services may also incur additional charges

Are there any DIY methods for resolving minor toilet plumbing problems?

– Plunging a clogged toilet
– Using a plumbing snake for deeper clogs
– Adjusting the float or chain in the tank
– Replacing a flapper or seal
– Cleaning the jets and siphon holes


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