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Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

We are a crew of qualified plumbers in Singapore with numerous years of experience. Our extremely qualified plumbers with their high-tech tools as well as proficiency are all set to solve everyday toilet plumbing problems for example pipe leakages, replacement of plumbing fixtures as well as toilet clogs in homes in addition to commercial plus additional residential places in Singapore. No task is too small for LS Handyman Singapore! A clear pricing system at modest and inexpensive rates assured work with a 365 daysr service as well as a swift response for a plumber to reach makes LS Handyman Singapore’s leading plumbing service. LS Handyman Singapore is Singapore’s foremost, plumbing service firm with a crew of extremely skilled plumbers Singapore. We offer high-quality maintenance as well as new production services. If you are searching for trustworthy plumbing, gutter cleaning, or toilet and kitchen sanitary services, get in touch with us for all your plumbing requirements.


Some of our Plumbing Services


Why select us?

The Reasons Why People Select LS Handyman Singapore Services

  • 365 Days Available

Believe it or not, the plumbing problems at all times occur at the most uninvited day or time. LS Handyman Singapore provides consistent and rapid 24-hour plumbing, domestic well as commercial services in Singapore. We provide emergency plumber services 24/7.

  • Qualified & Accredited Plumber

Appoint a consistent & qualified plumber. A plumber needs to be licensed by the Public Utilities Board (PUB) to demonstrate its legitimacy as a proficient & accredited plumber in Singapore.

  • Highly reputed Plumber

We have made an exceptional repute by providing excellent plumbing services in Singapore as well as greater customer consideration. All our workmanship is covered by our firm’s assurance – parts and labor.

  • Time-saving

Let us deal with the tough and dirty tasks so you can be at ease. LS Handyman Singapore plumbing services permit you to expend your time somewhere else with more effectiveness. We provide excellent plumber service to save your precious time.

  • Reasonable prices

LS Handyman Singapore offers services at the very best and reasonable prices. We provide a cheap plumber with great expertise. We have recommended the Singapore Reliable plumber. Everything is described plainly, from the explanation of the work to its rate to its time limit. The estimated rates for labor as well as parts are assured before the beginning of the work as we know how significant it is to deal with somebody whom you can trust and depend on!


Select LS Handyman Singapore for High-Quality Plumbing Services

If you need plumbing services for your home or your workplace then you are definitely in the right place. LS Handyman Singapore performs great plumbing work and the plumbing services price is very moderate. So, you can depend on our Singapore plumbing company for plumbing installation. So, to get quick plumbing services as well as quick and efficient plumbers call us now at 68544992 or send us an email at and talk to our friendly staff. We would be more than glad to assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common plumbing issues that homeowners face in Singapore?

– Clogged drains and toilets
– Leaking pipes and faucets
– Water heater issues
– Low water pressure
– Toilet flushing problems

How can one find reliable plumbing services in Singapore?

– Ask for recommendations from family and friends
– Check online reviews and ratings
– Inquire about warranty and after-service support

What are the typical costs associated with plumbing services in Singapore?

– Service call fee: $50 – $150
– Hourly rates: $80 – $150
– Replacement parts and materials: varies based on the issue
– Emergency service surcharge: may apply

What preventive measures can be taken to avoid plumbing problems in Singapore?

– Regular inspection and maintenance
– Avoid flushing non-biodegradable items
– Proper disposal of oil and grease
– Install drain strainers

How responsive are plumbing services in Singapore in emergency situations?

– Many plumbing services offer 24/7 emergency services
– Quick response time within 1-2 hours
– Emergency hotline for immediate assistance

Are there any eco-friendly plumbing solutions available in Singapore?

– Water-saving fixtures like low-flow toilets and faucets
– Greywater recycling systems
– Energy-efficient water heaters
– Leak detection technology

What are the regulations and standards that plumbing services in Singapore must adhere to?

– Water Supply (Plumbing) Regulations
– Building Control Act requirements
– Health and safety standards
– Environmental sustainability guidelines

How can one differentiate between a reputable plumbing service provider and a subpar one in Singapore?

– Reputation and years of experience
– Transparent pricing and quotes
– Positive customer feedback and reviews
– Proper licenses and certifications

What are some of the innovative technologies being used by plumbing services in Singapore?

– CCTV drain inspection cameras
– Hydro jetting for pipe cleaning
– Smart leak detection systems
– Instant water heaters


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