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Floor Repair

Floor Repair

Floor Repair

Our specialists have a long history of floor repairing as well as restoration experience, LS Handyman Singapore is a local Singapore registered firm specified in floor repairing servicing. LS Handyman Singapore has certified specialists as well as recognized for their work quality. Some of our floor repair Singapore services includes

  • Parquet floor repair
  • Wood floor repair
  • Fixing tiles
  • Laminate floor repair
  • Floor crack repair
  • Cracked tile repair
  • Vinyl floor repair
  • Floor tile repair
  • Wood floor scratch repair
  • Chipped tile repair
  • Scratches on wood floor repair
  • Tile scratch remover
  • Marble floor repair
  • Marble floor restoration
  • Replacing tile flooring



Reasons for Choosing LS Handyman Singapore

  • Numerous years of floor repairing industry: 

We have a lot of years of experience in floor repair as well as restoration servicing field. Floor repairing, as well as restoration, is very demanding in expertise as well as our workers are on topmost of the heap with great service, top quality as well as at all times struggle to surpass customer expectations.

  • Proficiency in floor flooring field: 

From simple repair of dents problems to difficult wood issues, LS Handyman Singapore repairing crew has the expertise and know-how to resolve all the problems. They will make sure your issue is resolved.

  • 365 days Flooring Repairing servicing: 

You can reach a welcoming customer service staff at any time by calling them or you can also send a message. If the slots are available LS Handyman Singapore will serve you on a similar day.


Floor services provided plus pricing information:

  • Flooring Repairing: This consists of fixing hollows, deep cuts, water leaking, dark wood because of pup pee, nasty wood planks, as well timber planks gloomy near toilet doors.
  • Flooring Polishing: Scope of work take in smoothing of the entire floor with a small or giant smoothing machine. After the smoothing of the floor is done, the floor will be polished with a water base or oil base covering. There will be a lot of layers of covering is applied. The floor will look brand new.
  • Flooring installation: This consists of putting concrete or screed, putting plywood as well as putting teak wood timber planks. As soon as done sand and finish the newly installed floor.
  • Door Repair as well as Polish: LS Handyman Singapore similarly focuses on fixing scrapes on door structures as well as fixing nasty doors in toilets.
  • Outside Timber Decking: We install as well as gravel and polish outside timber decking plus patio.
  • Pricing: we provide our services at very reasonable rates. There are no hidden charges also.


Like each product, flooring also needs some upkeep and repairing. Flooring inclines to damage after some time because of extreme use. So, you have to pay attention to floor repairing and maintenance. If you need any kind of floor repairing services we are all times here to assist you. You can contact us anytime you want and our friendly staff will always be there to assist you. Thus feel free to get in touch with us right now and get our specialized services.


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