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Aircon Gas Top Up


Aircon Gas Top Up

Singapore is that region of the world that always remains hot during the year which in turn generates the demand for air conditioners to cool down the temperature. As air conditioners use all the time in Singapore so they must be maintaining and serviced properly otherwise they stop working after some time. From the maintenance process of the aircon, cleaning and filling of gas are very important because these two are the main factors that support the functioning of the air conditioner. Other than this, aircon gas leakage is a serious issue that can be a high danger for you. If you are feeling that your air conditioner is not working properly, then there might be an issue of gas but you do not need to take stress as LS Handyman Singapore is here to assist you with our amazing gas top-up services. Moreover, our aircon gas top up price is reasonable so you can avail our services without any fear.


When You Need Us for Gas Top Up?

You need to call us immediately for the gas top up aircon when you have the following signs:

  • The air conditioner is not throwing a perfect cooling.
  • Aircon is taking too much time for cooling or bring down the temperature of the room.
  • Air conditioner unit switching on or off automatically.
  • Aircon is producing a weird smell or different types of strange noises.

Once you call us, our professionals will be at your spot instantly to deal with the gas issue.


Aircon Gas Top Up Services That We Offer:

LS Handyman offers you a wide range of aircon gas top-up services and these are as follows:

  • Go through your air filter and cleans them if it is needed.
  • Checks the deodorizing filter.
  • Brushing and go through the indoor cooling coil.
  • Monitors your condenser coil


Aircon Gases That We Offer:

We offer two types of gas for your air conditioner top up and these are as under:

  • R22 Gas:

We provide R22 gas for your aircon top-up because R22 refrigerant cools down the temperature without the consumption of too much power.

  • 410A Gas:

We offer 410A freon gas for your aircon as a top-up just because it avoids the overheating issue. Other than this, its cooling effect is the same as the other good aircon gases but it does not prove harmful to the environment just because freon is stable and nonflammable gas.


LS Handyman provides the outstanding aircon gas top up services that is beyond your expectations. The quality of the aircon gas that we offer is of great quality that enhances the function of your air conditioner. Moreover, it avoids the high level of heat and saves you from the big risks. We have a team of high-qualified and certified professionals that knows how to deal with the aircon gas issue. Whether there is the case of replacement of filter or filling of gas, our experts know how to fix it. Other than this, our team understands the importance of your time so they take a very little amount to refill the gas or stopping the leakage. If you have any issue regarding your air conditioner gas top-up, hire our experts for top-notch services.

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