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HDB Bomb Shelter Door Repair

HDB Bomb Shelter Door

A bomb shelter is a place where people can take refuge when there is an expected threat of an attack. Bomb shelters are built beneath or outside homes and offices, mostly made out of reinforced concrete, brick, or adobe. The HDB (Housing & Development Board) has been providing shelters for Singaporean citizens since the 1990s. One of the most popular shelters in Singapore is the HDB’s 2-room-plus-basement model in which the basement is used as a bomb shelter.


Bomb shelter Door Parts that require Repair

Whether it be your room door or toilet door, doors all have numerous parts comprising locks, axes, and handles. After ages of everyday use at one point, you will certainly see some issue or the other. For instance, your door pivot is making shrilling sounds. There can be several kinds of issues for which you may have to appoint a specialized door repairing service. For a reliable door repairing service, you can depend on LS Handyman Singapore.


Services provided by LS Handyman Singapore

Some of the services provide us by LS Handyman Singapore are as follow

  • hdb bomb shelter door repair
  • hdb bomb shelter door rubber replacement
  • hdb bomb shelter door handle replacement
  • hdb bomb shelter door lock


The dos and dont’s of door when renovating your flat

They are considered an important part of the home as well as their key features – walls, floor slab, ceiling plus steel door – must not be tampered with during restoration. Finishes and fixtures that can’t be removed effortlessly in an emergency are similarly not allowed in the shelters. Painting over the door locking rods or door seal is not permitted. The door notice comprises info about the appropriate use of the shelter. When painting the door, home proprietors must take away the old covering of paint before repainting to make sure that the layer of paint on the door is not excessively thick. Doing otherwise might result in problems shutting or opening the door. If the steel aeration plate cover in the shelter is detached, it must be protected in the shelter on one of the walls with detachable bolts of a maximum of 50mm that have non-metal pull-outs. The screws and nuts must be fixed back to their original place in their completely shut positions after removal. The HDB permits up to 75 percent of the ventilation opening to be sheltered by a detachable fixture.


Why choose LS Handyman Singapore for bomb shelter door replacement and repairing services?

Some of the main reasons for choosing LS Handyman Singapore for bomb shelter door replacement and repairing services are

  • Experienced workers

As we have a team of expert workers. They are experienced in their work as they are in this business for a long time. They know very well how to perform their tasks professionally and effectively.

  • Reasonable rates

LS Handyman Singapore offers services at a very reasonable rate so that every single individual can afford the services. Moreover, our prices are clear and there are no hidden charges.

  • Friendly staff

Whenever you contact us you will get a warm and friendly response from our staff. Customer satisfaction is our main concern and we always try our best to satisfy our customers by providing high-quality services.


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