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Aluminum Door Repair & Replacement


Aluminum Door Repair & Replacement

These days, an aluminum door is a sign of elegance that transforms the whole look of your house or commercial building. This happens only when it is installed properly otherwise it looks worse and causes many issues. If aluminum doors are not fixed properly, there might be a huge risk of security as the unknown person can easily enter your area so to avoid these issues choose LS Handyman Singapore for excellent aluminum door replacement, installation, and repair services. There is no doubt that we provide quality service as we go beyond your expectations. When we install your aluminum doors, we give a guarantee to you that the door will do no damage and remain stable for a longer period. This results in the saving of money as you do not need to spend money on it again and again.


Types of Aluminum Doors for Which We Provide Installation Services:

When it comes to aluminum doors, we provide installation and repair services for aluminum screen doors, aluminum French doors, aluminum frame glass doors, and aluminum louver doors. All these doors with the combination of aluminum look more beautiful in comparison to metal. Moreover, it gives you a modern feel and is easy to replace.


Aluminum Doors Damaged Parts That We Repair or Replace:

Most of the time, some parts of the aluminum doors get damaged so at this point there is no need to replace the whole door with a new one. Instead of this, we can just change your aluminum door’s damaged parts. Here is a list of repairs that we can do for your doors

  • We can change your door closers so that door can easily open or shut.
  • Most of the time, screws get lose so we tighten them.
  • Sometimes, door locks get disturbed so we replace it with a new lock door so that you can easily lock the door.
  • Moreover, we repair and replace the handles of your aluminum doors if it is causing issues.
  • If you have aluminum glass doors and they tore down into pieces, we simply place the new glass in them.


Variety of Doors That We Install:

Our installation services have no limitation as we cover different types of doors such as aluminum folding doors, aluminum sliding doors, aluminum bifold doors, aluminum swing doors, and aluminum louver doors. We hold the great tools and techniques to install these doors in an effective way.


Affordable Rates:

LS Handyman Singapore set the aluminum door price at a reasonable level. Whether you want installation and replacement services for aluminum slide and swing doors or any other doors, do not go through the serious stress as you just need to tell us and we will eliminate all your aluminum door problems.

Areas That We Cover:

From aluminum bathroom doors and aluminum kitchen doors to aluminum louver doors and aluminum casement doors, we cover every door of your house. Your role is to order us and we will be at your location to deliver amazing installation services. Whether you want to replace a whole aluminum door or just need some minor repairs, hire us without any doubt.

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