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Wall Fan & Ceiling Fan Installation

Wall Fan & Ceiling Fan Installation

Wall Fan & Ceiling Fan Installation

If you need to lessen your energy usage by up to forty percent in the summer as well as ten percent in the winter, you might need to have a ceiling fan fitted. It is designed to give a cooling effect that makes you feel calmer as well as relaxed even when it is warm outside. Ceiling fans and wall fans can make your house comfier as well as enrich your decoration. At LS Handyman Singapore, we offer proficient ceiling fan installation and wall fan installation services, comprising upgrades like adding lights to your current fans. With a quick call to LS Handyman Singapore, you can get high-quality fan installation services. There is no necessity to risk a job when you have an expert electrician available.


Ceiling Fan Advantages to Home Owner

  • Save energy as well as increase ease in summer: In a warm climate, ceiling fans and wall fans give cool air, making anybody close feel cooler. You can turn the regulator up some degrees to save energy as well as money, without negotiating ease. Ceiling fans moreover keep cold, conditioned air flowing thus it does not become too moist or decayed.
  • Save in winter also: Ceiling fans similarly aid to decrease energy charges in winter.
  • Worthwhile indoors as well as outdoors: There are particularly made fans for outside use, where they can make courtyard gatherings or BBQs more pleasurable as well as comfy.
  • Decoration: Multipurpose ceiling fans come in exclusive designs, to counterpart your decoration in the kitchen, dining area, rooms, porch, living room as well as additional areas of the house. Houses with bigger toilets or powder rooms every so often have ceiling fans fitted along with exhaust fans.


Our electricians provide an extensive variety of services for all your ceiling fan requirements including:


Why Call on LS Handyman Singapore for wall fan and ceiling Fan Installation?

  • Certified electricians: Our electrical specialists are extremely skilled. Your ceiling fans will be fitted to code for the harmless, trustworthy operation.
  • Trustworthy: Electricians are swift, welcoming, conversant as well as expert. Each worker is background checked, as well as covered to work in your house.
  • Devoted to security as well as energy effectiveness.
  • Attention to detail: Our experts make sure that fans are even with the ceiling, without the revealing gap that you may find in unprofessional installations. We will make sure that the fan edges are appropriately stable for effective, noiseless operation and a lot more.
  • Certain outcome: The expert electricians at LS Handyman Singapore deliver the top quality service, repairing in addition to installation services. We stand behind our work.
  • A countrywide recognized brand with origins in your community.
  • Free House Electrical Examination is Included
  • Our ceiling fan installation cost is relatively low so that everyone can afford the services


Thus feel free to call us for wall fan or ceiling fan installation services. Call us now at 68544992 or email us at

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are needed for installing a ceiling fan?

– Drill
– Screws
– Screwdriver
– Spirit level
– Pencil
– Tape measure

What are the safety precautions to consider when installing a ceiling fan?

 – Turn off the power at the breaker box
– Use a stable ladder
– Ensure proper electrical connections
– Follow manufacturer’s instructions
– Avoid working near wet locations or in extreme temperatures
– Use personal protective equipment like gloves and safety glasses

How to choose the right location for installing a ceiling fan?

– In the center of the room for optimal air circulation
– Ensure at least 18 inches of clearance from walls or sloped ceilings
– Consider the height of the ceiling for proper installation and efficiency

What are the steps involved in wiring a ceiling fan?

 – Turn off the power
– Mount the ceiling bracket
– Connect the fan wires with the household wiring
– Secure the connections with wire nuts and electrical tape
– Attach the fan blades and light kit (if applicable)

What is the importance of balancing a ceiling fan during installation?

 – Ensures smooth operation and reduces noise
– Prevents wobbling that can cause damage to the fan or ceiling

How to troubleshoot common issues after installing a ceiling fan?

 – Check connections for looseness
– Verify the fan is securely mounted
– Ensure blades are not bent or damaged
– Confirm proper switch settings

Are there specific regulations or codes to follow when installing a ceiling fan?

– Follow local building codes and regulations
– Use UL-listed components
– Install the fan according to manufacturer’s instructions

What are the different types of ceiling fans available for installation?

– Standard ceiling fans
– Low-profile ceiling fans
– Energy-efficient ceiling fans
– Outdoor ceiling fans
– Remote-controlled ceiling fans

How to determine the appropriate size of a ceiling fan for a room?

– Measure the square footage of the room
– Choose a fan size based on room dimensions
– Consider ceiling height for proper airflow

What are the energy-saving benefits of installing a ceiling fan?

– Helps distribute air, reducing the need for heating or cooling
– Allows you to raise the thermostat temperature while maintaining comfort
– Can lower energy bills by reducing reliance on HVAC systems


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