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Sliding Door Repair


Sliding Door Repair & Replacement For Kitchen, Toilet & Wardrobe

Sliding Door Repair & Replacement

It is common for sliding doors to get sticky, which then makes it hard for one to open them. Whenever a sliding door becomes sticky, it essentially means that its wheels are no longer properly adjusted. It could also be an indication that the track being used by the sliding door has become dirty and needs to be cleaned.

If you are ever faced with such a situation, you can always attempt to carry out the sliding door repair yourself at home before calling in a technician. If you choose to follow this route, LS Handyman Singapore suggests that you do the following:

1.      Start by Adjusting the Rollers

Use a screwdriver to lower or lift the door from its tracks. If you do not have access to a screw driver, you can always use an Allen wrench. Make sure that you have raised the door just enough for you to clean the track so that it can start rolling again smoothly.

2.      Get Rid of the Stop Molding

For this particular task, you will need to begin by removing the screws that hold the stop molding in place. Be sure to cut the varnish or paint line located on the inner part of the door. Doing so helps ensure that the molding will come off easily.

3.      Slowly Lift the Sliding Door Out

Grip the edges of your sliding door and slowly tip it for about a fit towards the room rather than outside. Once tipped, gently raise it out of its tracks. You must do this one edge at a time instead of attempting to do it at once.

4.      Install a New Roller

Use a screwdriver to loosen and take out the screws holding the roller in its place. You will also need the screwdriver to lever out the roller. Once removed, either replace it or thoroughly clean it to ensure that the problem is taken care of once and for all.

5.      Replacement Rollers

You can find the replacement rollers in various online stores and from manufacturers. Once acquired, follow the above process in reverse, and be sure to test the sliding door to confirm that it is working.

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