Mattress Moving Service

Mattress Moving Service


Time to move that weighty old mattress? Regardless of whether you’re purchasing another mattress or just moving your mattress to another property, LS Handyman Singapore is hanging around for you! Our dependable and experienced group of movers are more than prepared to ship those weighty mattresses for you!

Here at LS Handyman Singapore, our prepared group of expert movers will save you all the issues of moving those cumbersome beds while saving you the strain and shielding you from actual injury.

Our group will cover your mattress with covers or secure it with mechanical saran wrap which is steadier and sturdy, to keep your mattress ensured and forestall any tears in the texture.



Why choose us for mattress moving services?

Mattress moving firms like us have examined and redesigned our methods of moving to provide our clients with an extraordinary experience. There are numerous interesting points at the time of thinking as well as performing a moving cycle. The ultimate objective is to make a confiding bond that is the reason we shall share a few rules that we follow at the time of moving a mattress. This would make it simpler to settle on a choice as well as trust us with the move. Here are some points:


  • Correct detachment:


Numerous mattresses are attached to the bed edges. LS Handyman Singapore makes a point to detach the mattress from the bed in a manner that doesn’t bring on any harm. The bed outlines are now and again introduced with bolts then this can cause the surface of the mattress to become involved with it. This may bring about a torn or destroyed mattress surface. It can be kept away from with the utilization of additional coatings of sheets, wipe sheets, or air pocket wraps.


  • Mattress assurance:


After bringing it down on a protected surface, the following stage is to place it in a cover. The mattress cover for moving is normally made out of plastic. Covering shields it from water or some other fluid. For a greater security level, we add an extra cover. This is made out of a delicate cover-like texture and is extremely dense. Any harsh items will not have the option to infiltrate and harm the mattress with this cover on. The prospects of residue or some other flaw also vanish on account of these covers. The mattress is gotten cautiously by our prepared group as well as the covers are gotten appropriately.


  • Stuffing and transport:


The preceding stage is to do the mattress and spot it in the transporter. We use a severe strategy of ensuring the mattress isn’t bowed in any capacity. Collapsing the mattress can hurt the mattress’ structure. The stuff inside the mattress may move and assemble at a single side that will make it uneven. That is the reason folding is not viewed as an alternative when we move them. Rather than filling it, we move them in open trucks and transporters. This ensures that the mattress is spread out level with no irregularity in the surface underneath.