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Main Door & Gate

Main Door & Gate Repair & Replacement

Main Door & Gate Repair & Replacement

Do you want to replace or change the main door or gate of your house? We understand that it can be honestly a problematic chore to do keep running as well as renovation work in your HDB home, because of some fixed procedures. Luckily, we have done a lot of work in the houses of Singapore over various years and more you can therefore be assured of the greater standard of LS Handyman Singapore services that we give to the individuals living in Singapore. From our expertise in repairing as well as installation, we are today ready to offer our services of the main door and gate repairing, installation, as well as replacement. Our main door repair and replacement services include

  • HDB main door replacement
  • Main entrance door
  • Wooden main door
  • House main door
  • HDB gate replacement
  • HDB metal gate replacement
  • Privacy gate HDB replacement
  • Mesh gate HDB replacement
  • HDB wrought Iron Gate replacement
  • HDB aluminum gate replacement
  • HDB mild steel gate replacement


Do you think that your gate is rusting? However Singapore houses are known for their strength, it is projected for the landowner to require a renovation, chiefly for their main door or gate. We are now ready to provide services of all kinds of gate and door replacements or repairs you need or require for your house. Our specialists will be contented to help you throughout the work.

We offer top-quality services of door and gate repairing and replacement for all sorts of gates and doors for example wooden gate and door, aluminum gate and door, glass gate and door, sliding gate and door. We also provide services of parts replacement of gate and door, for example, hinge replacement, lock replacement of metal gate and lock, Bolt Replacement of gate, door lock replacement & frames repairing.


Why Choose LS Handyman Singapore

  • Our rates are reasonable, we do not charge higher, therefore, everybody can afford us.
  • We at all times select top-Quality Hardware.
  • We offer Customer-Centric Services to everybody residing in Singapore.
  • We Have Plenty of Experience as we are in this business for a very long period.
  • Our firm is registered as well as covered.
  • We have capable and trained workers that are at all times accessible to assist you.


To get top-quality services, get in touch with us now!

Never settle when it comes to the main gate and door security to your place. We are renowned for our excessive prominence on functionality as well as protection. As we increase our services to main door gate installations, repairing, as well as replacement, we can assure you alike values as well as work values to make your place a harmless, yet attractive residence to come home to. Get in touch with us right now and know further about our services. We are at all times pleased to assist you.

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