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Rain Shower Set & Shower Head Installation


Rain Shower Set & Shower Head Installation

Whether you want to replace your current shower fixture, are building a new bathroom, or are looking to remodel your current bathroom, there is no better time to do some exploration than today. There are so many options to choose from: and with the exception of a few complicated sets, even an amateur can be able to replace or install a shower set in aa single afternoon.We provide different type of rain shower head and shower set installation in singapore with best service quality and best price



  1. If there is any major work that has been performed in your residence, LS Handyman Singapore states that you ought to begin by flushing all the impurities from the system.
  2. Once done, start preparing the tools and parts that have the closest access to your connections
  3. Take the rail and place it at an appropriate height that can easily be accessed by all members of your family. Be sure to mark the points at which they intersect
  4. To be able to center your shower rail, you will need to place a mark at the center of the mixing unit.
  5. Grab a pencil and use it to note the points that intersect with the tiles located close to your bars
  6. You will need to use a drill fixed with an 8mm drill. Ensure that it is ideal for the type of wall that you are dealing with
  7. Fill these holes with silicone and then attach plastic holders for your shower bracket
  8. The other holder should be placed at the bottom of the rail
  9. Grab the rail and slowly slide it into the wall
  10. Attach the holders to your bathroom wall
  11. Take the upper and lower covers and slide them over your shower holders. Make sure that they are properly aligned


Installing the Hand Shower and Flex Hose

  1. Closely examine the seals placement in your hose
  2. Take the smaller end of your hose and screw it into your unit
  3. Take the larger end of your hose and screw it into your hand shower

Once you are done with the above steps, turn the water on to confirm whether the hand shower is operational.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are needed for installing a shower set?

– Adjustable wrench
– Screwdriver
– Pipe wrench
– Plumber’s tape
– Silicone caulk
– Spirit level
– Drill and appropriate drill bits
– Measuring tape
– Pliers

What are the steps involved in preparing the area for shower set installation?

1. Turn off water supply.
2. Remove existing fixtures.
3. Clean the area thoroughly.
4. Determine the placement of the new shower set.
5. Mark the positions for drilling holes.

How do you properly secure the shower head and handle during installation?

– Use mounting brackets or screws according to manufacturer’s instructions.
– Apply plumber’s tape to ensure leak-proof connections.
– Use silicone caulk to seal gaps and prevent water damage.

What is the best way to connect the plumbing for a new shower set?

– Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for pipe connections.
– Use appropriate fittings and connectors.
– Test for leaks before proceeding with installation.

How can you ensure proper water pressure and temperature control in a shower set installation?

– Install a pressure-balancing valve to maintain consistent pressure.
– Adjust the temperature control valve for desired temperature.
– Test the water flow and temperature before sealing everything.

What are the common mistakes to avoid during a shower set installation?

– Over-tightening connections, which can damage pipes.
– Not using plumber’s tape, leading to leaks.
– Ignoring manufacturer instructions.
– Improperly sealing joints, causing water damage.

How do you test the newly installed shower set for leaks and functionality?

– Turn on water supply and check for leaks.
– Test water flow and temperature.
– Operate the shower head and handle to ensure proper functionality.

Are there any specific safety precautions to keep in mind during a shower set installation?

– Wear appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and goggles.
– Ensure the area is well-ventilated.
– Turn off electricity near the installation area to prevent accidents.

What factors should be considered when choosing a location for the shower set installation?

– Proximity to existing plumbing lines.
– Accessibility for maintenance.
– Adequate space for movement and fixtures.

How can you troubleshoot issues that may arise after the shower set installation is complete?

– Check for leaks and tighten connections if needed.
– Adjust water pressure or temperature control valves.
– Consult manufacturer’s troubleshooting guide if problems persist.


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