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New Tap / Faucet Installation


New Tap / Faucet Installation

There are many reasons why a home owner may choose to replace a tap /faucet in the bathroom or kitchen. It could be that the tap has stopped working, is in efficient, or the owners are just looking to refresh their kitchen design. We provide Faucet / Water Tap Installation For Basin, Sink, Bidet, Shower & Kitchen with all types and brands. Contact us to get a best price and free quote. Whatever the reason behind this, LS Handyman Singapore recommends that you observe the following steps:


Before You Make a Purchase

If you are interested in replacing the tap in an existing sink, it will be essential to check beneath it to determine the number of holes that it has—they normally range between one and four. They are used to determine the faucet that will work perfectly with that sink.


Removing the Old Tap

  1. Always start by shutting off the water valves that are located beneath the sink. It helps in relieving any pressure that may be present in the pipes.
  2. Take a picture of the current configuration. This may come in handy later on.
  3. Place a tiny bucket next to the connections to help you collect any water that may be present in the supply lines
  4. Have someone hold the tap for you from above. This will help you to concentrate on loosening the nuts using a basin wrench.
  5. Get rid of tap and clean any grime that could be present on its surface


Installing the New Tap

  1. Place the plastic gasket over your tap holes before proceeding to place the deck plate.
  2. Take the tap lines and place them on to the corresponding holes
  3. Connect the nuts and washers beneath your sink
  4. Pull down your tap and then quickly attach its hose to the main supply pipe. Once attached, pull it down before installing the weight
  5. Use plumbing tape to connect your supply lines
  6. Slowly turn the water on as you check whether there are any leaks
  7. Do away with the aerator before letting the water to run-on for at least five minutes. Check everything once again and make the necessary adjustments.
  8. Close the tap and re-install your aerator

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