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HDB Door / Metal Gate Lock Replacement

HDB Door & Metal Gate Lock Replacement

HDB Door / Metal Gate Lock Replacement

LS Handyman Singapore offers a specialized lock installation, lock repair, or replacement service for all kinds of doors. Broken and defective locks might be replaced or repaired on spot. As a specialized company, we consider fixing the lock where possible instead of changing it, keeping any possibly expensive destruction to the nearby door to the least. We highly esteem our award-winning security administrations, consolidating very nearly a hundred years of involvement in state-of-the-art innovation to give entryway bolts that keep your property ensured. Be that as it may, no entryway lock is insusceptible from issues that could be brought about by a gathering of soil and grime, just as issues coming about because of the climate.


Usual Door Lock issues

  • Distorting

Distorting is typically caused by changing weather situations, as doors can alter shape because of the impact of warmth and water. This might lead to the stoppage of locking points working.

  • Detained lock

A lock is detained if you may enter the key however not rotate it. This is probably because of the lock being obstructed with grime. To unclog a detained lock, it would have to be washed and greased.

  • Broken key

A new key may not be appropriate for a lock if it has been badly cut or has uneven edges that have to be trailed down. Broken keys might similarly get trapped in a door plus break if excessive force is applied while attempting to rotate them.

  • Slow lock

Sluggish rotating of the key usually happens when filth or dirt has gathered in the lock after some time. A rigid, slow turn might similarly become the reason for a key getting trapped in the lock.

  • Damaged lock

They become damaged after some time if they are not correctly kept. Your lock might be defective if a key merely rotates part way. Similarly have a look at the severe stain, corrosion, or additional observable signs of wear.

  • The door bolt will not be closed

A door would occasionally not closed if the bolt is not correctly ranged with a strike plate on door support. You might also see the misalignment, though it is good to appoint a professional like LS Handyman Singapore to resolve the problem.


Lock Replacement Service by LS Handyman Singapore

Our Lock Replacement service is perfect for proprietors, property management firms, and business proprietors. Let us help you in taking the essential steps to make your sites feel safe. LS Handyman Singapore can visit you at your place and replace your older locks with new ones, we can similarly increase the lock safety, replacing typical locks with High-security locks.

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